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The links below are provided as a quick reference guide to information that Mullin ISD is required by the State of Texas to post on its website. Mullin ISD is not responsible for the content of websites outside of the Mullin ISD website (



NOTICE of Federal Program Planning
for Mullin ISD

The Mullin Independent School District is currently in the planning process for the
2022-2023 ESSA Consolidated Federal Application for the following programs:

Title I, Part A – Improving Basic Programs
Title I, Part C – Migrant
Title II, Part A – Improving Teacher Quality
Title III, Part A – Language Instruction for Limited English Proficient and Immigrant Students
Title IV, Part A – Student Support and Academic Achievement

Campus eligibility for Title I is based on low income data and enrollment. Private
Nonprofit Schools and/or Homeschools with government nonprofit status that
serve students living within Mullin ISD boundaries and that are interested in
receiving program information on participation and/or providing input into
program planning for services for eligible students may contact, Dr. Ronald Beard,
Superintendent, at 855-467-0030 or 403 W. Bulldog Drive, Mullin, Texas 76864.

Mullin ISD does not discriminate based on race, color, national origin, sex,
disability, or age in its programs. activities, or hiring practices. Inquiries regarding the Title IX policies should be directed to Marki Van Zandt.

Mullin ISD’s Title IX Coordinator 

Marki VanZandt

(855) 467-0030

Mullin ISD’s Title IX administrators have attended Eichelbaum Wardell Hansen Powell & Muñoz P.C.’s “New Title IX Rules and Regulations” series. Materials from this series in compliance with Section 106.45(b)(10)(i)(D) of the regulations can be found here:

Non-Discrimination Policy for Mullin ISD-



Texas Academic Performance Report

The Texas Academic Performance Reports (TAPR) pull together a wide range of information on the performance of students in each school and district in Texas every year. Performance is shown disaggregated by student groups, including ethnicity and low-income status. The reports also provide extensive information on school and district staff, programs, and student demographics. [Released in October of the following school year]

  • Definitions & Explanation of Each Performance Rating Described by Education Code 39.072(a)


Accountability Rating Summary

[Released in August of the following school year]



Texas Consolidated School Rating Report (TCSR)

[Released in October of the following school year]

  • TCSR


Accreditation Status

[Released in October of the following school year]

  • Accreditation Status


District Financial Accountability Rating

[Released in October of the following school year]



The School Report Card combines accountability ratings, data from the Texas Academic Performance Reports (TAPR), and financial information to give a broad view of campus performance. Available for each campus in Texas, the SRC is intended specifically to inform parents and guardians about a school’s individual characteristics and its academic performance.

[Released in January of the following school year]



Annual Federal Report Card

[Released in February of the following school year]



Improvement Plans

[Released in February of the prior school year]






  • Summary of Proposed Budget and Adopted Budget (located in Budget & Financial Notices Section)
  • Electricity, Water, and Natural Gas Costs (located in Budget & Financial Notices Section)
  • Maintenance and Operations Tax Rate (Required if tax rate will raise more taxes than prior year or exceeds effective maintenance and operations tax rate)
  • Tax Rate Trend Information
  • Federal Grant Awards
  • Financial Transparency
  • Annual Financial & Compliance Report
  • Reverse Auction Schedule Internet Location