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Welcome to the Mullin ISD PEIMS website!

The Public Education Information Management System (PEIMS) is a data collection system developed by the Texas Education Agency (TEA) to submit district data to the state on a scheduled basis.


 Why is PEIMS important?

The data that is reported to the Public Education Information Management System (PEIMS) is used to analyze Texas public education data through data reports, evaluations, Texas Academic Performance Reports/Accountability ratings, and funding calculations.

When is PEIMS submitted? 

PEIMS is submitted 4 times per year.

Submission 1 = FALL This contains student enrollment data and is a snapshot of the data in your TxEIS system as of the last Friday in October. It is due to the TEA by late November or early December. 

Submission 2 = MID YEAR This submission contains actual audited data from the previous school year. This data is only reported from the districts Financial Department and is due to the TEA by late January or early February. 

Submission 3 = SUMMER This submission contains student data such as Attendance, Course Completion, Discipline, etc., for the entire school year. It is due to the TEA by late June to early July. 

Submission 4 = ESY-EXTENDED SCHOOL YEAR This submission contains; Extended School Year services, Summer Dual Credit & Bilingual / ESL Summer School Program data. This submission is due to the TEA by late August to Mid-September.


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