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Annual Student Update

Annual Student Update


What is an Annual Student Update?
This electronic, online process is required yearly for all current Mullin ISD students. This process will allow parents and guardians the opportunity to electronically review, update and sign all documentation for your child. All parents are required to update their student’s information prior to the start of each school year. 


During the week of August 1, all parents and guardians will receive a Unique Code for each child currently enrolled in Mullin ISD to their email address on file. If you do not have an email address on file, a letter will be mailed to you. A current student is defined as any student that was actively enrolled on the last day of the prior school year on any Mullin ISD campus.  


If you have received a Unique Code and you have a currently enrolled student at Mullin ISD for the school year (2019 - 2020), please begin the update process below. If you need a Unique Code please contact your campus registrar.


  1. Click txConnect to start the online Annual Student update
    1. Step-by-Step Instructions for TxConnect
  2. Click Addt’l Registration Forms to complete the additional required forms


Current Transfer Students

  • FDA(Local) – Transfers shall be granted for one regular school year at a time.
  • Click Transfer Application to re-apply


If you have any questions about Annual Student Updates, you can contact your child’s campus registrar during business hours.